Friday, June 14, 2013

Second Coming Post-Apocalypse

There are a number of backdrops for Post-Apocalyptic novels; nuclear war, existential catastrophe, impact event, cybernetic revolt, and extraterrestrial attack to name a few.
For my novel Second Coming I combined ecological collapse and climate change and resource depletion with a touch of Divine judgement on the side.
In my grade 9 geography class, we study climate change and the effect it has on the environment; the depletion of natural resources such as oil and natural gas; the poisoning of our air and water and the effects it has on wildlife and human life; the genetic manipulation of our food, the increased frequency of natural disasters. From a grade nine student’s perspective our future must look pretty grim.

But I also teach religion, and the very real presence of God in our world and the incredible strength of spirit of human beings; human beings who have the ability to adapt and persevere, to overcome hardship and maintain their human dignity.             

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