Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thank you!
Recently I was fortunate to be featured in not one but two local magazines. Everyone out there knows how important promotion is to not only writers and artists but anyone who is trying to put their name or work out there where people can see it. Some of us cannot rely on word-of-mouth, so we need all the exposure we can get.
I would like to personally thank Dick Hildebrand for his flattering article in the May edition of Windsor Life Magazine. The first time I spoke with Dick was by telephone and we talked for over an hour (which is quite a bit for those who know me). He’s got this great radio announcer’s voice and was very friendly. I think I learned as much about Dick and his career as he did about mine. A week later Dick came by the house (unannounced) and the picture he took for the article was from my backyard.
I would also like to thank Marlene Markham-Gay for the article she did on me for the May edition of Biz X Magazine. I never did get to meet Marlene as the entire exchange of information was by email.
I would hope the many people would have access to such accommodating people as I’ve encountered lately. It is always nice to feel appreciated in one’s hometown.
Please check out these magazines online. The article in Windsor Life Magazine is on pages 87 & 88, while the article in Biz X Magazine is on page 48.