Friday, June 28, 2013

Canadian Quotes from Sherlock Holmes

Quoting Sherlock Holmes is popular among Sherlock afficionados and has even filled some books. This Canada Day I thought I would post Sherlock quotes with a Canadian theme. These are quoted from The Canadian Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Cold-Hearted Murder.

The next day was Sunday, a remarkable day in Toronto where it appeared the entire city closed for the day. Practically nothing could be purchased, and it was fortunate for Holmes and I that we had a good supply of tobacco and an excellent Canadian rye whiskey in our rooms.

I've learned that when confronting a tough, gun-toting American it is best to have a tough, gun-toting Canadian to back you up.

I was just thinking, Watson, how much of this great country we've seen these past few months. It is a young nation, but it is off to a good start. It is capable of greatness if her people
only realize it. They are good people, though diverse, respectable, and true, much like the land they live on. I am happy to have known some of them.

 We may never return to Canada, old friend, but I believe we are better for having known her, and I shall always cherish the memories of this visit.

If one is ever so fortunate to visit Canada, one is surely to be amazed and delighted to witness her natural wonders; her wide and spacious prairies, magnificent mountain ranges, and her myriad of lakes and rivers both great and small. But one should certainly not, on any account, miss the spectacular falls of Niagara.

I have studied police work from Canada to Madagascar, and I am currently in contact with detectives from at least a dozen countries around the world.

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