Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sherlock Holmes YouTube

Many thanks to Greg Maxwell who helped me put together my YouTube promo video for The Canadian Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. In fact, Greg has worked on all three of my YouTube videos and he has done a great job!

The video is to help showcase The Canadian Adventures of Sherlock Holmes that is now for sale through my blog and website.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Canadian Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

If you have been enjoying Cold Hearted Murder, now you can order a signed copy of The Canadian Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

The Canadian Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary detective Sherlock Holmes and his trusted colleague Dr. John Watson as they travel across late 19th century Canada. In their epic journey they encounter incredible characters and memorable mysteries.

From the death-by-canon murder at Halifax's Citadel to the eerie case of the McCormick Fortune in Montreal to the strange case of the Overlander in Victoria, Holmes and Watson must use all their skill and abilities to solve a series of bizarre cases.

"It is the best ‘‘Holmes in
Canada’’ book that I’’ve ever read, easily eclipsing Ronald C. Weyman’’s books. Well worth a look for the Sherlockian pastiche reader who enjoys stories featuring Holmes outside his ususal environs." –– Charles Prepolec The Singular Society of the Baker Street Dozen

"This new set of Holmes and Watson adventures is guaranteed to intrigue and thrill mystery lovers, Holmes fans, and Canadian history buffs alike as the reader is treated to a fascinating glimpse into the world of Victorian Canada of 1897. Gaspar captures the true essence of the Sherlock Holmes oeuvre, and adds a tantalizing insight into the relationship between the erratic Baker Street sleuth and his friend and chronicler, Dr. John H. Watson." –– Blackfriars Publications

To order an autographed copy of
The Canadian Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

please send check or money order:
$20.oo (Can.) plus $3.50 S&H if ordering in Canada
$ 20.00 (US) plus $7.50 S&H if ordering in the US
Stephen Gaspar
9805 Holly Crescent
Windsor, ON
Canada N8R1Y6