Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Beginning is the End - Second Coming

  THE END... It was the end of everything.  You could feel it like an expectant audience anticipating, even relishing, the final scene of a bad play that ran too long. Only the curtain needed to fall, and it would drop soon. 
 This play had run long, long and ridiculous and filled with tragedy.  The world was on its last legs and everyone knew it.  Some had given up entirely, given up hope and love and life. Some plotted while others plodded, only going through the motions of living.  The impending doom led certain individuals to commit heinous and unspeakable acts, losing what remained of civility and compassion.  A few, a precious few, still hoped and prayed and did what they could to preserve their humanity.
 But even for them the end was coming, closer and closer and closer.

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