Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Covers by Greg Maxwell

For most of my Kindle books I chose Greg Maxwell to design my covers. Greg is a graduate of the University of Windsor, he is a graphic artist, an animator, a film-maker, and a long-time friend of our family.

I have to say Greg’s last work for my latest novel Second Coming has to be my favourite. Second Coming is a post-apocalyptic story and I think Greg’s cover design captures the essence of the book. It is haunting and mysterious. I think the style is subtle and minimalistic. The three dark figures are small but stand out with backlighting casting shadows on the foreground of a cracked desert.

This is the cover Greg designed for my medieval Templar mystery, The Templar and the True Cross. I was originally picturing something with cool graphics of armour, but Greg had other ideas. The title is the artwork, using a sword for the T in Templar and a wooden cross for the T in True. The rest of the cover looks old, like an ancient leather cover cracked, discoloured and worn. There are a number of Templar books with nice graphics of swords and armour, but I think Greg’s simple design is its strength and stands out for its uniqueness.

The next two covers Greg designed for my Sherlock Holmes novels. They are designed to be a matching set, but different in their own right. Both books have a Canadian connection which is shown in the artwork.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Greg Maxwell  for all the great work he had done for me. Not only did he design these covers, Greg also designed three Youtube videos to help promote my novels.


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