Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Klondike and Sherlock Holmes

On Monday, January 20 the Discovery Channel will be premiering Klondike, a six-hour, three night mini-series. The first ever scripted series on the Discovery Channel, Klondike stars Tim Roth, Richard Madden, Abbie Cornish and Sam Shepard. The series will depict the Great Klondike Gold Rush of 1896-1899 in the Yukon Territory.

The Klondike Gold Rush also features prominently in my Sherlock Holmes adventure, Cold-Hearted Murder.

In Cold-Hearted Murder, London is experiencing a series of murders where the victims are being ritualistically mutilated. As chance would have it, the first victim was a potential client of Mr. Sherlock Holmes who the great detective failed to assist. Holmes and Watson set out in their investigation to track down the murderers. Fantastically, the entire grisly matter began in the wilds of the Canadian Northwest during the great Klondike Gold Rush

While the majority of the story takes place in London, a good deal of the book takes place in the Klondike gold fields that had witnessed unprecedented human endeavors.

My interest in the Klondike Gold Rush stemmed from the great Canadian historian Pierre Berton, whose book Klondike - The Last Great Gold Rush, was the major source of information for my research in that area.

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