Wednesday, December 19, 2012

To Know Evil - Now on Kindle!

I am very happy to announce my historical mystery, To Know Evil has just been published on Kindle.

To Know Evil on Amazon

An Irish monk dies in a Benedictine abbey in northern Italy on the eve of the second millennium. When Brother Thomas of Worms attempts to investigate the murder, his abbot accuses him of inventing trouble to avoid his duty to God and assigns Thomas the chore of copying a Biblical text as penance. Neither copying nor humility comes easily to an intelligent man like Thomas, who struggles with his commitment to obey his abbot. While in the library, Thomas is drawn to a gnostic book that leads him to a discovery that threatens the very fabric of the Church. When more monks perish, Thomas's loyalty to the monastery and its rites is tested, and he risks expulsion as he seeks to uncover the link between the murders and the hidden codex that has shaken his faith.

" this is an intriguing look at life in a cloistered monastery at the turn of the millennium. The story line is fast-paced and filled with twists..."

Stephen Gaspar’s TO KNOW EVIL is a moody and atmospheric medieval mystery with a sleuth as cunning as Brother Cadfael and a monastery as creepy as in Umberto Eco’s NAME OF THE ROSE.

Deeply atmospheric, TO KNOW EVIL combines the ancient mysteries of the DA VINCI CODE with a traditional whodunit. With accurate detail, Stephen Gaspar paints a riveting picture of medieval monastic life and a group of monks with human failings. Readers may see a bit of themselves in Brother Thomas of Worms.”

"Stephen Gaspar crafts an intriguing tale of betrayal and murder, set in a monastery on a remote mountaintop in northern Italy..."

Check out the great Youtube promo for To Know Evil by Greg Maxwell

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