Monday, July 23, 2012

New Sherlock Holmes mystery on Kobo!

The new Sherlock Holmes adventure is a case of Cold-Hearted Murder!
When grotesque murders are committed during one of the hottest summers in London, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are drawn into the investigation.

Cold-Hearted Murder is one of the most baffling and bizarre cases Sherlock Holmes has ever investigated. Why are the victims being monstrously mutilated? Why are they being murdered in cold locations? What is the significance of the Golden Triangle?

What Sherlock Holmes will learn is that these incredible killings have their origins in the Canadian Northwest during the great Klondike Gold Rush.

Cold-Hearted Murder is now available on Kobo.
Cover design by Greg Maxwell

Also, The Canadian Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
is now available on Kobo

Cover design by
Greg Maxwell

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