Thursday, June 24, 2010

Page 233

I was happy to discover that I am not the only mystery writer in the Windsor-Essex area. The other week I visited a new bookstore in Amherstburg, Ontario run by writer John Schlarbaum. Page 233 is a house converted to a bookstore at 233 Dalhousie Street across from a waterfront park.
Co-owned by local authors John Schlarbaum and Kevin Jarvis, along with Kevin’s wife Jessica, they offer a variety of book genres from best sellers to new releases and such topics as romance, fiction, biography, business, mystery, fantasy as well as children’s books.
Page 233 is an inviting, homey bookstore with a wide variety of books including John Schlarbaum’s own Barry Jones’ Cold Dinner and the recently published When Angels Fail to Fly, both feature the private investigator Steve Cassidy.
In Barry Jones’ Cold Dinner, Cassidy is hired by Global Insurance to take a fresh look ata cold case, where Cassidy must try to uncover new clues to Jones’ disappearance. However, with the court date looming, there is precious little time to complete his investigation. Steve Cassidy, a disgraced ex-cop with a broken soul, had his work cut out for him. He knew this time around, he had one final shot at redemption, and could blame no one but himself if he failed to solve his first big case.

In When Angels Fail to Fly mysterious events happen to Steve Cassidy’s loved ones, the police, the press and even his friends begin to question his every move. To complicate his life further, a cryptic telephone call begins a new investigation into the bizarre death of a woman keeping a secret. With his life in shambles and warrants being issued in his name, a road trip may hold the key to maintaining his sanity. Regrettably, trouble has a way of finding Steve Cassidy.

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